The TSI Virtual Workshop will be held Friday to Saturday October 12 to 13, 2018

Just like you, we run a business, and we know the importance of income. That’s why we’re making it a little easier for you to get paid. Since 1997, we’ve helped thousands of businesses of all types and sizes accept credit cards easily, while keeping it affordable, secure, and reliable.

Today, where most everyone uses automated phone systems and email, we still like the old-school way of keeping things personal – you’ll talk to a smart, hardworking, and friendly person every time you call us. We do appreciate modern technology though, and bring you forward-looking payment solutions when they first become available.

From business analytics to the latest fraud control technologies, we handpick tools that help your business perform its best. After all, for us, it’s all about supporting your growth and watching you succeed.

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Transparency through Perfection

Our goal is simple – we want to make sure every home buyer is fully aware of the projected costs of home ownership, by providing them with unparalleled insight into the home they are looking to purchase. We strive to give accurate and useful information so that buyers can be re-assured that their dream home is exactly that. How do we do this?

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It turns any inspection report into an easy-to-read repair estimate that will make every home buyer fully aware of the projected costs of home ownership. The Repair Pricer provides them with unparalleled insight into the home they are looking to purchase.

How Will You Benefit From This?

  • Report submission is customer initiated so you never have to worry about your clients thinking you or anyone else stole their data.
  • The Report is White-labeled to your brand so you get all of the credit in the eyes of the consumer.
  • 24-hour turn around every day of the year so you deliver the WOW factor to your clients.
  • You can get a Home History Report so your customers know exactly what their prospective home has been through.
  • Build relationships with Contractors by referring them leads and helping them to get what they want.

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If you’re like most small business owners (and we are a small business) we don’t have the time, money or desire to develop our “Brand”.

What we need is marketing that’s so effective that we can invest our money in it today, so we start getting results by the end of the week, so we can then use those returned dollars to make payroll the following week!

But think about this…

What if you could build your BRAND as a by-product of a Marketing Activity you are engaged in every week anyway?

This way it wouldn’t cost you an extra cent to build your Brand!

Now You Can Actually Build Your Company’s Brand Every Time You Send An Email If You Use Digital Stationery®!

The folks at ® base your Stationery design on your Website so that your company has a consistent look.

You build your Brand with every email you send and building your brand this way doesn’t cost you anything extra! SWEET!

Here Are A Few Of The Benefits of Using Digital Stationery®

  • Reinforces your brand, company logo, and marketing messages
  • Links recipients directly to key pages on your company website
  • Can be used for new messages and when replying to messages from others
  • Can include “call-to-action” button images linked to new products, special offers, and sales
  • Comes with our exclusive Link Activity Report to measure the value to your business.
  • Digital Stationery® works in almost all email readers in use today.
  • Plus, it’s easy to use!

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Other Designs

From our equipment to our staff, we make sure your printing and service is always top quality! Specializing in quality printing at cheap printing prices paired with personal service and support. Get to know us and make us your online printing company! You’ll be happy you did.

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Read what our Home Inspectors are saying about our Workshop

  • Another great conference. I am so glad that I was a part of it. It is such great information and such great people. I am glad to be a part of the Savvy family. Thanks to everyone from Savvy and the great members that offer so much help as well. Now it’s time to grow!
    Jason Muckey, Precision Home Inspection
  • Brandon and I just wanted to thank all the coaches and presenters at this year’s Workshop. So many gold nuggets were learned and now we will begin to put them into action. Also, to all the inspectors we met who freely offered advice and encouragement, thank you so much!!!! See everyone next year.
    Brandon and Leslie Eastling Testone, BLT Inspections
  • Thank you so much Savvy Team! I’m so glad I came to the workshop! Like everybody says it’s like drinking from a fire hose. There so much information and I can’t wait to start implementing. I met some incredible colleagues and can not wait to see you again next year with new team members!
    Paul Hegreness, Buyers Choice Home Inspections
  • Thank you to the TSI team for hosting an outstanding week. To all the Speakers, thank you for your inspiring & informational stories. To the TSI members we met, who are more like family now. To the Big Top tent … until next year!!! A big Texas hug & safe travels to all. Georgia on our minds & always in our hearts now.
    Jeff Kresta and Gogo Hilliard, HK Inspections
  • Thanks Ken, Beth, William, Sherri and the rest of the Savvy Team for a great workshop this year. From the awesome food to all the new information we are trying to soak in. You guys out did yourselves! Love you all.
    Kimpy and Bill Collins, Ultra Sound Home Inspections
  • Now that I can finally catch my breath I would like to Thank Ken Compton, Beth T. Compton, William and Sherri Troutman and the rest of the Savvy Inspector team for a great 2016 Workshop experience. Being able to choose classes on the topics I felt were the best suited to the growth of my business made this the best workshop I have been to. It was also great catching up with old friends and making new ones. Getting face to face with the Accelerate Round Table Group was fantastic.
    Tod Whiting, Metro Boston Property Inspection
  • A million thank yous to all the Savvy coaches and to the members that share the keys to success. Maybe some liquid courage helps these ideas flow, so thanks again for providing us with the big top. So many ideas of what is working for others has inspired my goal to double in size for not just the next year, but to double again in 2018 also. I don’t see any reason that can’t be accomplished, and the end of 2018 we will establish new goals. Thanks again everyone and let’s kick today’s ass!
    Malcolm Godwin, Chattanooga Home Inspector
  • I only wish we can give 10 stars to “The Savvy Inspector”. They deserve much more than 5 stars. From being a new member since 2007 and still a member till this day, this should tell you a lot. In 2007/2008 the economy was hurting the real estate industry and we were affected. We found Ken through a friend and we decided to join the group. We never looked back.
    Wanda and Luis Figueroa, A.C.F. Home Inspections Inc., Orlando Florida
  • I have been to a lot of seminars but this is near the top of my list! Well planned and well executed. We are a brand new company and have seen what is possible with a little planning and commitment to excellence. We are busy planning our implementation strategy as well as budgeting for next years TSI Event.
    Michael Vickrey
  • Thank you so much everyone, for such a wonderful time at the Savvy Inspectors workshop. We Love seeing our old friends and making new ones. We hate having to leave the event on the last day. God bless you all, your families and your businesses
    Louie F.
  • The Savvy Inspectors Done For You services has made my life so much easier and has gotten my company name out all over the internet and sends out great newsletters and Realtor marketing tips out for me. Thanks so much for all your great work!
    Gary Monfeli
  • I've always struggled in trying to put together a consistent and effective direct mail campaign. After attending this Direct Mail workshop, I now have the tools and understanding on what it takes. Hands on is the key. We spent time actually producing our own pieces for mailings, lumpy mail and Send Out Cards. Thanks, Ken and Beth for hosting the event and hats off to William and Sherri for sharing their wealth of knowledge. All Yall are the best!
    Rick Erickson
  • I really enjoyed the 3 day seminar this week. There were a lot of great subjects in the break out sessions. I wish I could have attended a couple more of the break out sessions. Gold nuggets of wisdom in every class.
    Bill Sallade
  • The workshop far exceeded my expectations. The attendees, panelists, vendors and coaches are as diverse a group of professionals as ive seen in one place. Lots of great people. Lots of learning on a wide variety of subjects. I feel like the value went far beyond the ticket price. I'll be going again next year.
    Brian Shriver
  • I just experienced my first webinar, Yikes! Fantastic, Amazing! I do not need to be convinced that The Savvy Inspector is the real deal. My head is spinning from all the information. I need help with every detail Ken spoke about. Right at this moment, I dont envision myself having the abilities necessary to implement the tools due to the fact that Im not computer savvy and dont know much about this thing called the internet, however, I am excited to learn.
    Jeff Gresham

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